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Van for Student Art Nonprofit

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Fouryouth Productions currently relies on the enthusiastic support of our board and other volunteers to transport students to and from art shows and fundraising events. Our students come from diverse and underserved communities that span across the Greater Wilmington Delaware area, making coordinating transportation a logistical nightmare. Some students miss opportunities to sell their own art because transportation is such a challenge. A major component of our organization’s mission is teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as students learn to sell their own photography at events we have throughout the region. By owning one large 15-passenger van, we would be eliminating the logistics of having to coordinate with several volunteers. Additionally, our student’s portfolio includes several large canvas prints, as large 12 square feet in dimension. A larger vehicle would make transporting these large and fragile pieces a lot smoother of a process. A vehicle will also enable us to take students on field trips. Photography excursions cultivate awareness in our students of the world around them and illustrate the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone. Having the capability to take our students out of Wilmington will have an impact on our students as individuals and increase the artwork we produce while on trips. The funding for this campaign would cover the cost of a 15-passenger van with warranty and gas for one year.